About Us

Maggie & Reese was founded by interior designers Lisa Powell and Theresa Helgren in 2011.  Lisa and Theresa’s friendship began in 2006 while working together at an internationally acclaimed hospitality design firm in Dallas, TX.  Through a shared love of design, travel, and of course, shopping, Maggie & Reese was created.  Maggie & Reese is an eclectic mix of Lisa’s traditional style and Theresa’s whimsical flair.

Lisa, a.k.a. Maggie, is influenced by all things historical; classic design (Louis XV), traditional interiors (Elsie de Wolfe) black and white films (Casablanca), and the world of fashion (Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and of course Coco Chanel).  Her time on the east coast and travels to Europe visiting everything from  grand estates to country cottages have only solidified her belief that whether the residence is large or small, it is the little details in a house that truly make it a home.   Now that her children are on their own, Lisa, her husband Richard and their one eyed wonder dog, Link, like to relax on their 40 acres in the Texas hill country.

Theresa, a.k.a. Reese, is an ardent traveler and finds design inspiration in the architecture and customs of cultures around the world. Trips to Spain, India and Shanghai have heavily influenced her design world; give her a Moroccan tile, elephant accent piece or Suzani textile and her design instinct kicks in!  In addition to effecting how she thinks about design, experiencing these cultures has reinforced her desire to give back to those in need (Maggie & Reese try to support businesses that give back to local communities where possible). Theresa’s other loves are her husband, Deron, and their four-legged bambinos, Kelly and Annie.

We hope you have enjoyed visiting our online boutique and were able to find the perfect piece to compliment your home!


Maggie & Reese